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A Few of Vivicom's Most Popular Products

Vivicom ADM - CEMS "Data Logger" and Controller
Wall Mount ADM - NEMA 4
Rack Mount ADM - General Purpose
Both the NEMA 4 Wall Mount ADM and General Purpose Rack Mount ADM Offer
   - Touch Screen Interface
   - 4 to 20 ma or 0-5 v Analog Inputs

  - Discrete Digital Inputs
  - Solid State and/or Dry Contact Relays
  - Modbus Master and/or Slave Options Available (RS-232/422/485)
  - Modbus TCP Options Available
  - TCPIP over Ethernet (Fiber Ethernet Available)
  - 1 Year of 1 Minute Data Points On Board (In Device)
  - Hardend System For Maximum Stability

Vivicom VCEMS - CEMS DAHS - Continuous Emissions Monitoring Data Acquisition and Handling System
VCEMS Operations Software Package
Continuous Emissions Monitoring System
DAHS - Data Acquistion and Handling System Software
   (VCEMS Suite)

  - Maintenace Tools
     - Data Trending
     - Database View
     - Data Reduction
     - Validation Reports
     - Validation Response Curve Trends
     - Validation Deviation Trends
      - Alarms Logs and Reports
   - Automated QA Tests for Environmental Regulations
     - Daily Calibration / Validation
     - CGA - Cylinder Gas Audit
     - Linearity - 40 CFR Part 75
     - RATA Data Collection
     - Tools to collect data for many more
        QA and Certification Tests
    - Data can be backed up to 3 independent locations to allow easy recovery if hard drive failure occures (ADM provides up to 1 year of data so that no data is lost!)
VCEMS Reports Software Package
VCEMS Reports
   - Wide Selection Of Easily Customizable Environmental Reports Including
      - System Performance Reports
      - Excess Emissions Summary Reports
      - Downtime Summary Reports
      - Daily 1 / 6 / 15 Minute
      - Daily 1 Hour
      - Daily Rolling 12 and 24 Hour
      - Monthly Emissions Reports
      - Quarterly Emissions Reports
      - Yearly Emissions Totals (PLANT WIDE)
      - Yearly Emissions Averages (PLANT WIDE)
   - Environmental Regulations
      - 40 CFR Part 60, Part 75, Part 266
      - Alberta CEMS
      - California CEMS
      - HRVOC
      - And More
VCEMS Part 75 Software Package
VCEMS Part 75
   - Automatically Substitutes Data According To 40 CFR Part 75
      - When Invaild Data Is Detected or Marked By User
   - Generates EDRs For Part 75 Submission
   - Allows Viewing and Exporting Of Emissions Data

VCEMS Part 75  works in conjuction with VCEMS Operations and VCEMS Reports to provide a COMPLETE Part 75 Monitoring and Reporting System


Vivicom GCC - Gas Chromatograph Controller
Inside Of GC Retrofited With Vivicom GCC
- Gas Chromatograph Controller (Vic-GCC)
    - Replaces Electronics in older and
       no longer supported Gas Chromatographs
    - Vivicom can replace your electronics for you
      or train your  technicians
    - Remote Front Panel via VIDAS Software
    - TCD or FID Detectors Supported
    - Integrated Oven Controller
    - Ethernet or 485 Network Support
    - Modbus Master or Slave For DCS Integration
    - Also works with NCC and MBIF
    - Data Acquisition for Auxilliary Inputs
         (Fuel Flow, Flame Out, Purge Loss, etc.)
     *** Now With On Screen Chromatograms ***
GC Retrofited With Vivicom GCC
GC Retrofited With Vivicom GCC
GC Retrofited With Vivicom GCC

Vivicom Vidas - Software for the Vivicom GCC
VIDAS - Vivicom Instrument Data Acquisition System
Gas Chromatograph Maintenance and Reporting Software (VIDAS)
   - Maintenace Tools
      - Realtime Chromatograms (Stored To Harddisk)
      - Overlay Past Chromatograms
      - Data Archiving
      - Upload / Download GCC Configurations
         (Save To Disk For Archiving)
      - Convienent Netview Version Can Be Installed Anywhere on Your Network And Provide Complete Access To GCC, Chromatograms, and Data Storage
      - Ambient Air Monitoring Environmental Reporting Module Available for VCM and other applications
      - And Much More